Sheaffer Targa Fountain Pen Brushed Chrome with Gold Plated Trim & Gold Nib

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This classic and classy collectors writing instrument is in near mint condition.
ALL Targas are stunning to behold and equally stunning to put to paper. This 2nd edition Targa, c1988, has a silky soft gold plated, medium inlaid nib. It is no surprise these are some of the most sought after vintage fountain pens. This is the Brushed Chrome model (1001xg) with 23K gold plated trim. The pen displays Sheaffer's White Dot signifying the company's Lifetime Guarantee, along with an end cap novelty commemorating 125 years of a corporate's success, adding to it's interest and appeal. The fountain pen, which has been preowned but unused except for a serviceability check, is presented in its original box which has a slight indent as can be seen in the photograph. It uses an ink converter or standard Sheaffer cartridge which are both included. The cap closes with a satisfying click. This is a prime example to add to any collection or for a personal dignified statement.